Swami Paramanand—Swamiji, Indian Guru

Swami Paramanand Ji Giri Maharaj (“Swamiji”) has students from all over the world who have benefited from his teachings. He has dedicated his life to the welfare of humanity and teaches that the divine is within us all.

I recorded a public talk Swamiji gave to a packed house at Namaste Yoga in downtown Asheville, NC, in 2007. He was extremely humble and very talkative despite the language differences. While I needed a translator for much of our conversation, he surprised me with some English every now and again.

For more information about Swamiji, including his message, his background, and his recent satsangs, visit his website at AkhandParamdham.com. Return to Walking the Path.

Swami Paramanand—Swamiji
Consciousness, Wisdom, & the Intellect (2 of 2)

Swami Paramanand—Swamiji
Body Consciousness (1 of 2)