Introducing Walking the Path,

Our Spiritual Documentary Project …

Krishna Das, Walking the PathWhat have we been up to lately? We haven’t exactly been sitting around on our mcduffs swilling iced tea. One recent project has been one we’ve wanted to produce for years. And now we can unveil it, or at least some of it. But first, some background:

Jason Scholder formed Reel Change Films to make movies that mattered. The first thing he did was begin interviewing spiritual teachers with the intention of manifesting a feature film. In this way, Jason captured hours and hours of engaging footage. He soon realized how lucky he was: most spiritual seekers would never have the opportunity to gain private audience with so many contributors to today’s spiritual palette.

Although we initially published just a taste of this project, we have many more hours of interviews with spiritual masters, gurus, and scholars “in the can.” Jason conducted extensive interviews with visionaries such as Krishna Das (the most famous American kirtan singer), Coleman Barks (who translated Rumi’s poems into English free verse), and Swamiji (an Indian mystic considered a “living legend”).

Instead of limiting this project to the structural constraints of a 90-minute film, we have decided to open it up to the infinite possibilities of the Internet. To do this, we elected to preserve the integrity of the shared wisdom by editing it into manageable doses (i.e., short video clips). Not everyone has the patience or bandwidth to watch an hour-long interview in its entirety. These videos allow you to, as Coleman Barks said, “take sips of wisdom and assimilate that.”

Both Jason and Mark are equally excited about this development. (OK, Jason is little more excited.) Watching these clips is like sitting at the feet of the master, hearing the words of wisdom pour over you like honey. In this respect, we believe these videos will not only hold up for multiple viewings, but your experience will be enhanced by multiple viewings.

Reel Change Films will continue to explore the spiritual path and the many detours along the way. As we add more and more cohesive interview segments, we invite you to watch these discussions unfold. Our hope is to eventually post all the footage we have, but it will take time. In the meantime, watch the available interviews whenever you have the space and time to assimilate them.

Please contact us to be notified when we post new interview clips. It’s all part of the ongoing, online spiritual documentary we call Walking the Path.

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