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Dao Yoga Flow DVD Trailer

Past Projects

Shhhh, Here’s a Secret … We got your attention, didn’t we? But before we go on, you must promise to keep our little secret. If you agree, read on. If not, go back and read something else. There is plenty to do and see on our website. Are you ready? Here it is: We don’t […]

Always the Comedian

The History of Comedy, Introducing Why Not Bobby? … There have been a few confluences of genius throughout history: the Golden Age of Greece, the Italian Renaissance, and San Francisco’s stand-up comedy scene of the mid-1970s. At that time, San Francisco was a counter-cultural comedy breeding ground, the center of which was the Holy City Zoo. […]

Walking the Path

Introducing Walking the Path, Our Spiritual Documentary Project … What have we been up to lately? We haven’t exactly been sitting around on our mcduffs swilling iced tea. One recent project has been one we’ve wanted to produce for years. And now we can unveil it, or at least some of it. But first, some […]